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July 2022

BioNike supports Worldrise in protecting the marine habitat with the project "A sea of stars"

BioNike has created the project "A sea of ​​stars" in support of the ONLUS association Worldrise, which develops initiatives aimed at the conservation and enhancement of the marine environment.

"A sea of ​​stars" has the ambitious goal of contributing to marine reforestation, protecting biodiversity and safeguarding the health of the Mediterranean Sea, the lifeblood of our existence. The project includes two types of activities: eliminating nets and waste from the gorgonian forests in the marine areas of Capo Mortola and Golfo Aranci and the identification and geolocation of starfish in 5 protected marine areas - Balzi Rossi, Tavolara, Ustica, Egadi , Secche della Meloria.

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