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February 2023

Goovi, the digital native wellness brand co-founded by Michelle Hunziker, arrives in Sodalis family

Sodalis acquires from Artsana Goovi, which becomes the Group first digital native brand.

Goovi is the wellness brand co-founded by Michelle Hunziker, born with the mission to bring good vibes (good+vibes=goovi) to all women in their daily life, encouraging them to love and take care of themselves. Goovi products - a broad portfolio of food supplements, skin care and make up products, are good, easy and natural, with a philosophy that focuses on quality, efficacy and simplicility of use, with clean and vegan formulations based on natural ingredients and an in&out wellness approach. Brand sales derive mainly from the proprietary e-commerce platform, a network of selected pharmacies and perfumeries completes the presence on the territory.

The take over allow Goovi to continue its growth path within a Group strongly motivated to dedicate a big strategic focus and capable to offer the maximum support in terms of product know how. The operation enables Sodalis to develop the e-commerce with a brand very well positioned to capture this channel strongly positive and attractive dynamics.

Sodalis aims at welcoming Goovi within the Group by enhancing its distinctive identity and its digital know how and by joining the forces with the goal to accelerate the business expansion in Italy and at an international level.