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September 2018

Happy birthday Tesori d’Oriente

Our Group’s success began 20 years ago thanks to this extraordinary brand.
Tesori d’Oriente was born from a vision: to offer everyone the chance to turn small daily acts into rituals of pure pleasure. And after two decades, this unique philosophy is still seducing millions of people who are looking for the pure harmony for skin and senses.

Tesori d’Oriente has been and will always be synonymous of Italian quality, sustainability and refinement, strongly bond to innovation. It has been able to renew itself, following consumers’ tastes as well as our perfumers’ suggestions, who discover new fragrances coming from ancient rituals of the oriental tradition.
Over the years Tesori d’Oriente has grown, not only with new rituals, but also with a new range of homecare products that let the users live their favourite fragrance in everyday gestures.

We are very proud of the results achieved so far and looking forward to the new journeys to come.