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July 2022

Tesori d’Oriente protects the Italian natural heritage with the project "Treasures for Nature"

Treasures for Nature: an important social responsibility project to protect 5 centuries-old and millenary trees of oriental origin, a natural heritage of Italy.

Treasures for Nature was born from the desire to make a gesture of gratitude towards the environment which is a source of well-being for all of us. With this project Tesori d’Oriente is committed to maintaining, preserving and enhancing a selection of plants included in the List of Italian monumental trees and, with its contribution, will initiate activities dedicated to their protection. With the intention of embracing Italy in its entirety, the 5 trees are located from north to south: the Ginkgo Biloba in Milan, the Mulberry trees of Villa Ghigi in Bologna, the Vallonea Quercia in Puglia, the millenary Olivastro Santu Badolu Luras in Sardinia and, finally, the Chestnut of the 100 horses in Sicily.

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