Our companies

Our Group currently operates through 10 companies, which work in their respective areas independently but in a highly synergistic and coordinated manner. This broad portfolio of expanding companies allows us to be active in the Health & Beauty, Personal & Home Care markets in different geographic areas and in different distribution channels (mass distribution, pharmacy, perfumery, professional channel...), with our specific and specialised skills.

Founded in 1975, ESI is a leading player in the Italian Nutraceutical market. The company has a broad and diverse product portfolio consisting of over 200 high-quality food supplements, phytotherapeutic, nutraceutical and dietary products, distributed in pharmacies, parapharmacies and herbalist shops. ESI joined Sodalis Group in March 2019 within the division

ICIM International is an Italian pharmaceutical company founded in Milan in 1930, which is known today thanks to BioNike, a leading brand in Dermocosmetics in pharmacies. A pioneer in dermatological cosmetics since 1960, it specialises in the research, formulation and production of dermocosmetic treatments for the health and beauty of even the most sensitive, allergic and reactive skin. It joined the Sodalis Group in 2017, forming the Sodalis Pharma division.

The Good Vibes Company manages Goovi, a digitally-native wellness brand founded in 2018 by Michelle Hunziker to share her lifestyle based on natural wellness and self-care. Goovi is on a mission to bring good vibes to people's daily lives, promoting authenticity and self love. Goovi products are natural, effective and simple, made with clean and vegan ingredients. Part of the Sodalis universe since February 2023.

Created in 1986 and based in Cavaillon (in Provence, France), Novamex has been part of the Sodalis Group since 2015. The company is a leader in the French ecological market with its prestigious L'Arbre Vert brand, which offers a wide range of environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic home and personal care products.

Founded in 1903, Deborah Group is the Italian company that owns the make-up, hair care and skin care brands Deborah Milano, Biopoint, Debby and Dermolab. It joined the Sodalis world in 2018, later incorporating the Biopoint brand already owned by the Group since 2010.

BrandCare is an Iberian company active in the Home & Personal Care sector in Portugal and Spain. The company, with offices in Lisbon and Madrid, started operating in 2013 following the acquisition of a portfolio of classic and well-known brands in the sector, previously owned by American multinationals, and was acquired by the Sodalis Group in January 2017. Today, BrandCare's brands are performing strongly in the Iberian market, with leadership and vice-leadership positions in some Personal & Home Care categories in Portugal and Spain. The main brands are Natural Honey, Super Pop, Cristasol and Mistolin.

Based in Hamburg, Lornamead GmbH was founded in 2004 with the acquisition of the iconic CD brand. Since then, the company has developed strongly through organic growth, further acquisitions and the successful launch of new beauty & personal care brands. Lornamead is mainly focused on the German and Austrian markets. Lornamead became part of Sodalis at the end of 2021, becoming the Group's fifth subsidiary in Europe.

Founded in 1973, Brelil creates and distributes a complete line of professional hair care products exclusively aimed at hairstylists. Brelil products, recognised for their high level of innovation and 100% Made in Italy quality, are present in over 40 countries.


Active in the industry since 1976 and acquired by the Sodalis Group in 1995, Conter is involved in the production, marketing and distribution of personal care products ( 95% of the business) and home care products (5% of the business). Conter's most relevant brands are Tesori d'Oriente, Vidal and Leocrema: they are recognised for offering consumers high quality products at affordable prices and are present in the most important chains in the Italian mass-market channel, as well as in numerous international markets.

It was founded in 1969 as a company specialising in the sale of consumer goods in the mass market and became part of the Sodalis Group in 2006. Today, the company has its own portfolio of proprietary brands of which the most important are Lycia, Fresh & Clean, Strep.