Strep is the hair removal specialist offering the most extensive range of effective, easy-to-use and fast hair removal products to be used right at home.

The hair removal professional
The hair removal professional

The hair removal professional

A complete range for every need, developed for different skin types for a professional result right at home. Waxes, strips and hair removal creams formulated to guarantee practical and easy-to-use hair removal. Strep products are dermatologically tested to ensure maximum respect for the skin.

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If feeling smooth is your style, Strep!

Strep's approach aligns perfectly with the claim "If feeling smooth is your style" and allows those wishing to depilate themselves to choose, from a wide range, the product that best suits their lifestyle: strips for those with a dynamic and independent lifestyle, waxes for those who prefer to take their time, and creams for those with delicate skin who prefer a more painless method. Strep also pays the utmost attention to the choice of ingredients to guarantee complete well-being of the skin.


Free to feel smooth whenever you want with Strep

To shave or not to shave is a choice that every woman should be able to make in complete freedom, based on her needs and her own way of being. Strep, a beauty ally for professional DIY hair removal, is back with a new print and digital campaign. The campaign shows a modern woman, proud and free to always express herself in her own way: both when it comes to style choices and hair removal. "If feeling smooth is your style", your ally has to be Strep, with its range of practical, fast and amazingly effective hair removal strips for a professional result at home, whenever you want. A playful and colourful mood conveys lightness with a hint of self-irony, while elegant and fashionable feathers act as an iconic symbol of the product's delicacy on the skin. Watch the video