A real treat for your skin! Leocrema takes care of the entire family's skin, leaving it soft and hydrated.

Loved in your skin
Loved in your skin

Loved in your skin

Dermatologically tested formulations, designed to respect the skin's balance, and ingredients expertly selected for their efficacy make Leocrema the 100% Italian expert in body creams. Thanks to its silky textures and delicate yet enveloping fragrances, Leocrema embraces the skin in a beautiful, loving gesture.

Maira Capelli



Wellness for the skin, for over 70 years

Self-love is the true strength of the modern woman and Leocrema is committed each and every day to helping all women love and take care of themselves, to make them feel more confident in their own skin and in their own lives. Leocrema has been taking care of your skin's well-being for over 70 years with products tested to guarantee maximum delicacy. Today, you can take care of your own daily well-being, treating your skin to a wonderful gesture of love, thanks to specific treatments for the body, hands, lips, face and sun protection.